Working from home

  • 2021 MacBook Pro with M1 Pro, 32GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD. Thicc boy, but the screen is totally worth it.
  • Xiaomi 34" ultrawide. Nice resolution (1440p), good refresh rate (144Hz). The color profile is not great with mac, and I will probably replace it soon, but for now it does a pretty good job. It sits on an Ergotron HX VESA arm.
  • RAMA M65-b. It's the KURO (黒) model, with Aliaz 60gr switches + GMK stabs (w/ krytox 205g0), and PBT Heavy Industry keycaps.
  • Logitech Ergo MX. I tried a Glorious model O and an MX Master, and ended up using this one as my daily driver, it's more comfortable. The mousepad is from Amazon, 90x40cm.
  • Yamaha HS5 studio monitors with a Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface. They sound really good but they take a lot of space in my desk. The Scarlett is fantastic for its price and size.
  • Airpods Max. I used the Bose QC35 for years, and recently switched to these ones. So far I'm happy with everything except for the bra case.
  • Fully Jarvis Desk. Solid standing desk, I got the BYOD 3-stage frame and DIY-ed a tabletop with a beech kitchen countertop, 180x80cm (~70x31").
  • Autonomous ErgoChair 2, which is an older model similar to the current Pro one.

Software and tools

  • Visual Studio Code or VIM are my main editors (my dotfiles are here).
  • I use Moonlight II italic in VScode, and a customized gruvbox in VIM, with Dank Mono font for everything (editor and terminal).
  • iTerm 2. I tried Hyper but I had the feeling iTerm worked better on my machine.
  • Firefox is my main browser for personal and dev use.
  • Fork is a git GUI app that I like a lot. I use the git cli for simple stuff but for complex workflows this one is perfect.
  • Things is my favorite reminders app, and Fantastical is my go-to calendar app in macOS.
  • I use Figma for personal design work, Darkroom for photo editing, and Pixelmator Pro for memes image editing, markup, etc.

On the go

  • ECD is an iPhone 13 Pro, 6y.o. Nomatic wallet, keys etc.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 with LTE that I will keep on using until it has no official support.
  • Airpods Pro. When I'm traveling, I ditch the big headphones for smaller earbuds, but ANC is a must.
  • Apple Magsafe Duo. Yeah I know. It's a great charger for my phone and watch and it fits very well in my Native Union stow organizer, with the MBP charger and other cables.
  • Kindle Paperwhite 2013. Old but reliable, I use it with Calibre on the mac.
  • Muji B6 or Midori A6 notebooks, with a Lamy Safari F or some Muji .38 pens.
  • Topo Rover or Herschel Little America backpacks, depends on the trip.

Music making

  • Ableton Live and Ableton Push 2.
  • Native Instruments A49. Not the best keyboard around and I don't love the software, but the size and the keys are good. I used two keyboard sliders to mount it under the desk.
  • Volca Bass and Volca FM. Little hardware synths, the Bass is fun to play with, the FM not so much but the sounds are good.
  • Schecter Omen 6. I had this guitar for 10 years now, and I like it a lot.